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Total Overdose
Release: 2005
Developer: Deadline Games
Publisher: Deadline Games
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2000+
Graphics: GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X1300
Memory: 512 Mb
Total overdose - a reckless action game that strikes with constant special effects during shootouts in locations overflowing with Mexican flavor. You have to play as Ramiro Cruz.

The main character is in jail, one day he is pulled out by the American Drug Enforcement Administration and reports a couple of news. First, his brother Tommy is seriously injured at work. He was undercover in a Mexican drug cartel and was wounded by a grenade during a showdown. Second, you have to replace it. Fortunately, this is easy because you are twins. Ramiro must complete Tommy's job and solve the mysterious murder of his father. This is the plot of Total Overdose..

You will be surrounded by colorful characters:
  • Caesar Morales - chairman of the bullfighting club
  • Angel - Caesar's driver, later helps the protagonist
  • Elvez is a car dealer and a vile crime boss
  • Johnson is a DEA agent. Mixed up in the death of the twins' father
  • General Montanez - military, has connections with gangsters

There are a great many gangs fighting for control of the streets, and they constantly figure in the narrative: Morintes, Morales Cartel, Virgillos, squads of corrupt cops and army and many others..
Ramiro finds himself in the midst of people for whom betrayal, murder, conspiracies and banditry are common everyday life. In the course of the plot, it becomes clear that everyone is not the kindest and does not pursue good goals.

The gameplay of the game consists of fiery shootings and chases in cars and motorcycles. A special feature is the slow-mo mode, which can be activated with one button, and the hero will make a beautiful somersault before slowing down or launch a grenade exactly at the enemy. Points are accumulated for kills, and for a combo of deaths, they will add a score multiplier and replenish the health scale and slow-mo.
Gameplay Trailer:
Total OverdoseTotal OverdoseTotal OverdoseTotal OverdoseTotal OverdoseTotal Overdose

Version: Full Last Release
Size: 1.14 Gb
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