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Castle Crashers
Release: 2012
Developer: The behemoth
Publisher: The behemoth
Game Version: v 2.8
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz or better
Graphics: with 256 Mb video memory
Memory: 1 Gb
Castle crashers Is an arcade action game in which players take control of powerful characters and fight monsters. Create a squad of 25 characters to fight in castles against enemies. Compete with other users or monsters across the continent.

The plot will unfold on the ball in the castle of the king. During the fun, an evil sorcerer kidnapped a precious magic stone and four princesses, who must be saved by the knights and fight the enemy.

You can progress through the Campaign by completing consecutive missions, opening up more opportunities and new enemies in the game. Or fight in multiplayer battles, showing all the power of your characters to other players. Take part in mini-modes in which you do not have to fight fierce battles, but you need to show your skills in competitive matches. Test your capabilities in survival mode, in which more enemies will appear as the time spent in the game increases.

Characters have unique characteristics. As you progress, the heroes will receive more experience points, thanks to which you can increase their perks. Strength is responsible for the damage done in combat. Magic opens up access to new spells and more demage abilities. Protection reduces damage taken by a percentage. Thanks to the increase in Dexterity, heroes will be much more mobile in the area and will be able to hit faster. Get cool items for your charges and fight all the enemies!
Gameplay Trailer:
Castle CrashersCastle CrashersCastle CrashersCastle CrashersCastle CrashersCastle Crashers

Version: v 2.8
Size: 65.33 Mb
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