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Braveland pirate
Release: 2015
Developer: Tortuga Team
Publisher: Tortuga Team
Game Version: v
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.7 GHz
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 750 MB
Braveland pirate is the final product in the trilogy. In the original we played a simple guy who became a warrior, in the sequel we controlled a magician girl, and in the third part we got a pirate under the control. The title does not require prior familiarization with two past projects. The hero's name is Jim. The young corsair from the very beginning is faced with a series of troubles. The treasure map was torn to pieces, and its pieces were scattered around the world. In addition, the ship went down near the island of the savages. The protagonist and the rest of the team managed to get ashore. They decide to put together the parchment and use it to find the treasure..

The gameplay is similar to a simplified version of King's Bounty or the third "Heroes". The commander walks around the neighborhood, communicates with characters, fights with enemy troops, hires soldiers from special buildings. Braveland Pirate now has the ability to move between locations. Accidental encounters with foes can occur at sea. To travel to a new island, you must first find a map with its location. After landing on land, the leader of the pirate team moves around the points of interest.

Here are turn-based battles. The battlefield is divided into hexagons. The user observes what is happening from the side. From now on, the hero also takes part in the battle as a full-fledged unit. Fighters of the same type are summed up. That is, if you buy a dozen shooters, then one soldier will stand on the cell, but with 12 health units. The lower the number of such units becomes, the less damage they will inflict on opponents. In addition to Jim, up to 6 types of troops can take part in a duel. At the end of the battle, the protagonist receives money and experience. The currency is spent on the purchase of artifacts, replenishment of the team and treatment of wounded wards (they do not die forever). And exp is needed to get new levels. There are 3 branches with skills for pumping.
Gameplay Trailer:
Braveland PirateBraveland PirateBraveland Pirate

Version: v
Size: 383 Mb
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