Dark Fall 2: Lights Out torrent download

Dark Fall 2: Lights Out
Release: 2004
Developer: Darkling room
Publisher: Darkling room
Game Version: v 6.0
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible DirectX 7
Memory: 256 Mb
Dark Fall 2: Lights Out - a classic quest with horror elements. Despite the number in the name, it is an independent product and does not require familiarity with the original. The gameplay is standard for such projects. A first-person view of a character moves along pre-rendered slides. The hero knows how to go forward, turn left or right 90 degrees, as well as examine objects and interact with them. Most of the environment is not animated here..

The plot is based on a story that happened in reality with the simultaneous disappearance of three caretakers at a lighthouse in December 1900 in England. "Abode of Darkness 2" is about Benjamin Parker. In 1912, this cartographer visits Trevartan. He was asked to plot geographic plans of the Cornwall Bay coast.

At first, the young man does not understand the meaning of his presence, since the entire county has long been studied. However, soon the protagonist discovers that for some reason a certain place on the map is not shown. In a British village, he is asked to go to the island, which is considered cursed by the locals. He must find out why the lighthouse on Fetch Rock has suddenly stopped shining. Before this news, Parker had a very strange dream. The man agrees, after which his adventures begin.

The user needs to explore locations, engage in pixel hunting and solve riddles. Many puzzles are solved by carefully studying the information. It can be reading notes, examining letters, etc. But there are also traditional puzzles. The main feature of the game is time travel. Benjamin will visit the past, future and present, chat with strange NPCs and even ghosts.
Gameplay Trailer:
Dark Fall 2- Lights OutDark Fall 2- Lights OutDark Fall 2- Lights OutDark Fall 2- Lights OutDark Fall 2- Lights OutDark Fall 2- Lights Out

Version: v 6.0
Size: 741.8 Mb
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