Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - Revamped torrent download

Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - Revamped
Release: 2011
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 300 MHz
Memory: 64 MB
Storage: 100 MB
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - Revamped - a fan-made version of the second Castlevania, in which the main character is the cult character Simon Belmont. The plot repeats the original, referring to the events of 1691 and the battle with Dracula. The hero sets out to explore the ruins of the castle of the Prince of Darkness in order to destroy 5 ancient artifacts that will help remove the curse.

The game borrowed the visual style in a part called Rondo of Blood. The gameplay hasn't changed much. Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - Revamped gameplay is still a 2D metroidvania where you have to explore a huge variety of locations, gradually opening up new paths in an intricate castle resembling a maze.

The sprites have been changed a lot, including Simon's own model. Several aspects of the game have also changed. For example, passwords for save. From now on, only vitality is replenished in the church and the process is preserved. Three more leaders have been added to the three bosses from Castlevania 2: Bat, Minotaur, and Dread Slime.

The developers left a reference to Mario in the Uta Lower Road location. Many monsters have been added to the castle ruins that were not present in the original adventure. The principle of a better ending has also been preserved. If you have a desire to complete the game for the best ending, then you will need to run through the story in 7 game days.
Gameplay Trailer:
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - RevampedCastlevania 2: Simon's Quest - RevampedCastlevania 2: Simon's Quest - Revamped

Version: Full Last Release
Size: 90.2 Mb
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