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My island
Release: 2019
Developer: SnowBaby Games
Publisher: SnowBaby Games
Game Version: v 0.71 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual Core
Graphics: GTX 660 | 2 Gb
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 8 Gb
My island - survivalist on tropical islands, where in the vastness of the blue ocean, the player needs to grow fruits, plant trees, make weapons, build houses, hunt, cook, creating their own Eden in the wild lands. Customization will allow you to create your character from scratch: set gender, skin color, choose height, size of limbs, hairstyle, clothes, etc..

The open world of My Island reaches 256 square kilometers. All locations are handcrafted and represent individual landscapes. The map includes about a hundred unique islands with their own flora and fauna. The player will visit magnificent meadows, picturesque canyons, hills, coconut groves, rainforests, snow-covered locations and many hidden places that are not easy to get to. There is an opportunity to change the environment by growing your own plants. "My Island" includes 7 types of coconut trees, apple tree, bamboo, watermelon, tomato, cucumber, strawberry, wheat, corn and carrot.

All seedlings grow in real time. When the fruit is ripe, you need to harvest or cut down the tree to get a valuable resource from it. Flower seeds will help to decorate the facade of the house and give it coziness and warmth. Dynamic weather includes heavy rains and heavy hurricanes, affecting gameplay and all plants in the game. With the help of wood and bricks, you need to build your own shelter. To defend against hostile beasts, you need to create weapons and make fires at night to scare off wild animals. On the fire, you can cook various food using seafood or meat from killed animals.

Additional activities include swimming, sailing, horse taming and horse riding. With the help of the raft, you can navigate the islands. You can dive to great depths, exploring the seabed and getting valuable resources and items. The fauna is represented by various animals and creatures: seagulls, eagles, crocodiles, white sharks, bears, wolves, wild boars, hares, deer, vipers, many types of fish, etc..
Gameplay Trailer:
My IslandMy IslandMy IslandMy IslandMy IslandMy Island

Version: v 0.71 | Early access
Size: 3.04 Gb
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