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Bridge Constructor Portal
Release: 2017
Developer: ClockStone
Publisher: ClockStone
Game Version: v 5.0 + DLC
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Graphics: DirectX10 compatible
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 200 Mb
In this level builder simulator, you have to build the locations of the famous game to which the key reference is directed Bridge Constructor Portal. The whole project was done in one big puzzle. We play as an employee of the Portal Nature Research Laboratory. With a supervised designer, we will build bridges, ramps and other objects in 60 different levels.

Each bridge built will help the little people achieve the result - leaving the level to go to another, so the Bridge Constructor Portal perfectly combines logical planning and tactical level building. Our tools will include:

• Portals that transfer characters from one place to another instantly. If you remember the mechanics of the game Portal, then you are familiar with the construction of portals of different colors;

• Repulsive gel that can help the character climb onto the ledge or ignore the trap;

ВЂ панели Air panels of faith, cubes and other available items to help people get to the next level.

All cameras - levels - in the game are presented in the form of tests for heroes, who must come out of 60 cameras without losses, in the same number. It is almost impossible to complete the game the first time, so you will spend a lot of time exploring this world.

Ellen McLain's pleasant voice will teach us how to use all the LIPP tools.

The game features a merger of two legendary games, the construction of complex objects based on logical dominance, as well as dangerous objects - turrets, gratings, laser fields, acids.
Gameplay Trailer:
Bridge Constructor PortalBridge Constructor PortalBridge Constructor PortalBridge Constructor PortalBridge Constructor PortalBridge Constructor Portal

Version: v 5.0 + DLC
Size: 102.51 Mb
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