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Arx Fatalis
Release: 2002
Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Arkane Studios
Game Version: v 1.22 + Arx Libertatis / Neuralis
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz
Graphics: 3D
Memory: 128 Mb
Storage: 7 Gb
Arx Fatalis Is a first-person role-playing adventure set in the world of Exost. Due to the mystical meteorite that fell on the planet, the Sun began to gradually perish. All races have banded together to build an underground shelter with biospheres and tunnels. In the bowels of the planet, they found many other inhabitants who were not at all happy with new guests. Some time after full settlement, secret murders, conspiracies and other bad events began to occur between people, goblins, trolls and other races..

In the bowels of the earth, the king of Chaos awakened, summoning many monsters and demons from the Lower World. Now the main character will have to fight with them, learn magic and new skills, acquire the best weapons and destroy the main boss in order to restore the truce on the planet again.

The world of Exost is inhabited by 5 races. Goblins are cowardly and cruel, do not agree to peace between other inhabitants. Trolls are very similar to goblins, but differ in size and slowness. Ratmen are quite agile in battles, have good fighting techniques and live on the seventh tier. Dwarves are great at blacksmithing, they forged most of the legendary weapons. Snake women are skilled sorceresses, they are considered the most mysterious race in the world..

In Arx Fatalis. Gold Edition, you can freely explore the surrounding locations, fight opponents and get useful items for this, in the form of swords, spears, armor and experience. By increasing the level, the protagonist can pump new spells and abilities. These skills will always help in the next battles..

Secondary characters are able to give tasks and instructions to the player, and reward generously for successfully completing quests. Merchants usually sell good items, potions, and mods. The game has good graphics and an interesting plot. Huge selection of ranged and melee weapons, as well as a huge talent tree.

You will fight against giant rats, spiders, zombies, demons, liches, creatures and other creatures that you will meet in caves. The main character is subject to one of several schools of magic. Create a Fireball, use Invisibility, or Paralyze an enemy. To use spells, you need to perform successive movements of the mouse. There is a unique combination for each ability.
Gameplay Trailer:
Arx FatalisArx FatalisArx Fatalis

Version: v 1.22 + Arx Libertatis / Neuralis
Size: 399.72 Mb
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