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Bio menace
Release: 1993
Developer: 3D Realms (Apogee Software)
Publisher: 3D Realms (Apogee Software)
Game Version: v 1.1 (28043)
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core Duo 2
Memory: 2 GB
Bio menace tells about the adventures of Snake Logan. The mustachioed CIA officer, on orders from his superiors, went on reconnaissance to Metro City. This city has been invaded by mutants. The operative was supposed to study the situation from the air on the plane, but he was knocked out. After that, the hero who survived the crash went to deal with Dr. Mangle, who was responsible for all this chaos..

It's a side-scrolling action platformer. Bio Menace has several types of weapons. You cannot change them. When a new barrel is selected, it immediately replaces the old one in the protagonist's hands. By default, the agent carries a rifle with an infinite ammo, which fires 3 bullets at a time and requires it to be constantly reloaded. You can pick up an assault rifle (no reload), a super-damage gun, and a device that shoots plasma arrows. In addition, there are 4 secret cannons, as well as grenades, mines and a temporary assistant robot.

There are 12 cards in the game. Usually they are asked to destroy the boss or free the hostage. When moving to the next stage, all the collected good is always taken from the protagonist. The campaign can be completed at 3 difficulty levels. In case of death, the fighter appears at the nearest control point. In this case, all killed enemies are not revived. Most of the time the hero has to fight monsters and robots (there is blood and meat). In addition to shooting adversaries, he is looking for keys, first-aid kits and diamonds. For collecting 50 pieces of jewelry, one more life is given.
Gameplay Trailer:
Bio MenaceBio MenaceBio Menace

Version: v 1.1 (28043)
Size: 14 Mb
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