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Really big sky
Release: 2012
Developer: Boss Baddie
Publisher: Ripstone
Game Version: v 5.02
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2ghz Core 2 Duo
Memory: 512 MB
Storage: 200 MB
Really big sky - a dynamic arcade shooter with a top-down view, offering the player a huge variety of modes, of which there are 12 pieces. The most convenient way to control the gameplay will be with the help of gamepads made for personal computers, their support is implemented without additional settings. Also, there is an online leaderboard in which gamers can watch their own progress and compare themselves with other users from around the globe..

The "Really Big Sky" storyline of the single-player campaign tells the story of how aliens were found living on the other side of the galaxy. Having established contact with humanity, they decided to attack with their futuristic spacecraft, which have more power than the development of humanity. There are 17 types of enemy units in total, which are located on levels in a random amount.

The program code contains specially trained artificial intelligence, which is responsible for the random generation of accessible territories and environmental features (wormholes, black holes, velocity deformation, and so on), and the AI ​​that controls the movements of opponents constantly adjusts to the user's play style. This leads to a constant complication of the gameplay, because computer enemies are looking for other ways to counter the gamer.
Gameplay Trailer:
Really Big SkyReally Big SkyReally Big Sky

Version: v 5.02
Size: 715.8 Mb
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