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High On Life
Release: 2022
Developer: Squanch Games Inc
Publisher: Squanch Games Inc
Game Version: v build 10303085
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4430K 3.00GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 /AMD Radeon R9 290x
Memory: 8 Gb
Storage: 49 Gb
High On Life is a humorous first-person shooter with elements of metroidvania. It is made in a sci-fi setting. Action moments alternate with quieter episodes where you have to chat with rushed characters, run their errands and solve puzzles. A rich arsenal includes unusual and varied weapons with two types of shooting - basic and alternate. There are analogues of pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and so on. The game differs from other members of the FPS genre in that the guns here can talk. Trunks often comment on player actions and make jokes. They have a lot of prepared replicas. For those who do not like this feature, the developers have added the ability to adjust the frequency of phrases in the settings. This project is divided into levels. In doing so, the video game encourages returning to already passed locations. Maps have temporarily inaccessible areas. To get into them, you have to get an upgrade like a whip that allows you to cling to ledges or a jetpack.

After gaining new abilities, the user can return to any stage already seen and collect all the skipped in the chests. They usually store currency that is spent to buy upgrades or collectibles. The story in HOL tells the story of a hapless teenager. After high school, he did not find a decent job, did not go to college, and did not achieve any significant success. But suddenly he had to become a hero because Earth was attacked by a gang of Harmantuosis. The aliens want to use people as a drug. Future defender of humanity finds a talking weapon from a real bounty hunter and sets out to save the world from the alien cartel G3 instead. Justin Roiland, who wrote the script for "Rick and Morty" And other animated series aimed at adult audiences.
Gameplay Trailer:
High On LifeHigh On LifeHigh On Life

Version: v build 10303085
Size: 35.99 Gb
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