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Village Rhapsody
Release: 2022
Developer: YooGame
Publisher: YooGame
Game Version: v 1.4.403
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics: Intel HD 3000
Memory: 4 Gb
Village Rhapsody perfectly combines the genres of visual novel and farm simulation. The story centers on an ordinary looking kid who is tired of the city life and decides to change his life by moving to a colorful village. Here he plans to develop his own farm, growing fruits and vegetables. In addition to this activity, you will be able to communicate with almost every character in the virtual world. Remarkable, but most of the heroes are unrealistic beauties who go crazy for cool farmers.

Consequently, the protagonist of Village Rhapsody profitable to ennoble his farm, not only for a good income, but also for the relationship ladies, who then certainly will open his heart. Through dialogues with them the player learns all about the local inhabitants and hears many jokes. Initially, the user is given a large area, which looks pretty rundown. And so it is worth arming yourself with an axe, a hoe and a pickaxe. You need to cut down all unnecessary trees, remove rocks, and plow the ground so it can give birth.

Then you will need to sow the field, but even that is not enough. It is important to remember to fertilize your crops and water them in time so that they are really abundant and profitable. The pickaxe can also be used to mine ore and craft complex crafting items from it. It is recommended to sell the goods grown and created by your own hands at the local fair in the town.
Gameplay Trailer:
Village RhapsodyVillage RhapsodyVillage RhapsodyVillage RhapsodyVillage Rhapsody

Version: v 1.4.403
Size: 681.37 Mb
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