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Project Zomboid
Release: 2013
Developer: The indie stone
Publisher: The indie stone
Game Version: v 41.50 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.77GHz Dual Core
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 5 Gb
Project zomboid Is a cross-platform game in which we will have to find a home, equip it, and begin to survive in a world where a zombie apocalypse has recently occurred. We are based in Kuntukki State, Knox County. The latest epidemic infected more than 90% of the county's residents, and they all became zombies. Harsh conditions will force us to survive, stock up on food, water, weapons and all available supplies in order to survive elementary.

We play as one of the survivors, who is located in an open area of ​​the city. There are thousands of zombies around us who want to devour us. First of all, we need to find a house, check the integrity of its structure, more or less build up, and then go in search of survivors and supplies in the city.

The game has no definite ending. The only moment the game is over is your own death. If you can survive until the moment the military comes to the district, it means that you have practically won, because the military will "drag" a whole army of zombies with them.

In the beginning, you create a character from whom you can choose gender, race, name, appearance, hairstyle, clothes, beard, and more. Next, you choose a story, a place of work. Any factor will lead to changes in the gameplay. For example, if your character worked before the zombie apocalypse, then the previous place of work will help him in handling objects. The policeman shoots better, the carpenter builds protective structures faster and better, the orderlies will be able to heal the wounds of themselves and their allies faster, and the cook will be able to prepare a tasty, hearty dish from a small amount of food.

Despite the fact that people around are mired in the fight against zombies, you can kill, rob, terrorize. But do not forget that you must choose one of the negative qualities. For example, it can be laziness, obesity, myopia, thirst, etc. The better you fight the disease, the more points you get that can be spent on pumping positive skills - agility, luck, disease resistance and others.

Also, since we are in reality, and not in the game, our character will want to eat, drink, go to the toilet, sleep, communicate and rest. Remember this when going on your next outing..
Gameplay Trailer:
Project ZomboidProject ZomboidProject ZomboidProject ZomboidProject Zomboid

Version: v 41.50 | Early access
Size: 944.16 Mb
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