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Home Behind 2
Release: 2021
Developer: TPP Studio
Publisher: TPP Studio
Game Version: v 0.7.0 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.6 Ghz
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 4 Gb
Home Behind 2 - 2D roguelike set in the land of Scaria. This power has been engulfed in a civil war for the past 10 years. You are fighting on the side of revolutionary-minded fighters who are trying with all their might to rid the country of an authoritarian regime. The game directly continues the history of the previous part.

The ruler is a dictator named Akadulla. The voice of the uprising grows louder every year until it reaches a critical point. In Home Behind 2, you play as a heroine named Benon. She studied abroad for a long time, but when she returned to her homeland, she immediately took part in the revolution. Her associates are the Prince of the Republic Norto and Haroun. The fate of an entire nation rests on your shoulders!

Explore randomly generated locations. Capture oil territories and cities, find out the enemy's field and name the revolutionaries. Locations have hundreds of random events and points of interest. Gather your team and use unique battle tactics.

A team can have up to ten guerrillas, each with their own skills. Unlock access to 36 unique abilities of the protagonists. Collect a personnel consisting only of elite and talented fighters. Give orders and strategize against your enemies.

Defeated enemies drop a variety of loot and armor. Hundreds of weapons from the Second World War are available: machine guns, flamethrowers and rocket launchers - use whatever you see fit. Build a camp, upgrade your settlement and travel across the country. Yes, the revolution is coming!
Gameplay Trailer:
Home Behind 2Home Behind 2Home Behind 2

Version: v 0.7.0 | Early access
Size: 840 Mb
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