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Dark Chess
Release: 2023
Developer: Tall Troll Games
Publisher: Tall Troll Games
Game Version: v1.0.2
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10 32-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible GPU
Storage: 800 MB available space.
Dark Chess is a strategy board game developed by Avatar Games and released on Steam. The game is based on the traditional Chinese board game of Xiangqi (also known as Chinese chess), with a dark and ominous twist. Players take control of different characters on the board, each with their unique abilities and strengths.
The game's mechanics are similar to Xiangqi, but with a few twists. Each piece moves in specific ways, and players must use their strategic thinking to outsmart their opponent. The game features several different modes, including a campaign mode where players can unlock new characters and a multiplayer mode that allows players to challenge others online. One of the unique features of Dark Chess is its dark and creepy atmosphere. The game features a gothic art style, with dark and mysterious backgrounds that add to the overall mood of the game. The music and sound effects also add to the creepy vibe, making Dark Chess a unique experience for fans of strategy games.
Overall, Dark Chess is an excellent game for anyone who enjoys Xiangqi or other strategy board games. Its unique atmosphere and characters make it stand out from other similar games, and the multiplayer mode adds to the replay value.
Gameplay Trailer:
Dark ChessDark ChessDark Chess

Version: v1.0.2
Size: 336.6 Mb
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