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Release: 2023
Developer: Asteroid Lab
Publisher: Asteroid Lab
Game Version: v 1.0.59
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 / FX4170
Graphics: AMD Radeon 8000 series / NVidia GTX 660
Memory: 8 Gb
Storage: 2.84 Gb
Terraformers is a sci-fi real-time strategy game developed and published by Holgersson Entertainment. The game is set in the future where humanity is seeking new worlds to colonize. As a player, you are in charge of a crew of space colonizers who have landed on a new planet with the goal of terraforming it to make it habitable for human life. The gameplay of Terraformers involves managing your resources, constructing structures, and researching new technologies to expand your colony and terraform the planet. You will have to overcome various obstacles such as harsh weather conditions, dangerous wildlife, and even hostile alien species that might pose a threat to your colonists. The game features both a single-player campaign mode where you follow a story-driven plot to uncover the mysteries of the planet and a sandbox mode where you can experiment with different terraforming strategies and build your colony without any restrictions.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 1.0.59
Size: 545.84 Mb
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