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Papers, Please
Release: 2013
Developer: Lucas Pope
Publisher: 3909 LLC
Game Version: v [new version]
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.5 GHz Core2Duo or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 1.4 or better
Storage: 100 MB available space
Papers, Please is a puzzle simulation game developed and published by 3909 LLC. The game takes place in the fictional communist country of Arstotzka and puts players in the role of a border inspector who must decide who can enter the country and who must be denied entry.
The gameplay of Papers, Please is centered around inspecting passports, visas, and other documents presented by travelers attempting to cross the border. The player must verify that the information on the documents matches the information on the traveler's person, and must check for inconsistencies or signs of forgery.
As the game progresses, the rules for who can enter Arstotzka become increasingly complex and restrictive, and players must keep up with the changing regulations in order to avoid penalties and maintain their income. The game features multiple endings, which are determined by the player's performance and choices throughout the game.
The story of Papers, Please is presented through a series of increasingly complex scenarios, each of which presents new challenges and ethical dilemmas. Players must decide whether to allow sympathetic characters to enter the country despite lacking proper documentation, or whether to follow the strict letter of the law and deny entry to all who do not meet the requirements.
Throughout the game, the player's interactions with the various characters at the border help to build a picture of life in Arstotzka, and the consequences of the government's strict policies.
Papers, Please is a thought-provoking game that challenges players to consider the ethical implications of their choices, while also providing an engaging and addictive gameplay experience. With its unique blend of puzzle-solving and social commentary, the game offers a compelling look at life under an oppressive regime.
Gameplay Trailer:
Papers, PleasePapers, PleasePapers, Please

Version: v [new version]
Size: 87.3 Mb
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