Necesse torrent download

Release: 2019
Developer: Mads Skovgaard
Publisher: Mads Skovgaard
Game Version: v 0.21.21 [New Version]
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Graphics: 512 Mb
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 1 Gb
Necesse is a sandbox adventure with a procedurally generated world. Managing the main character, you need to build a settlement and level up the character. To explore many spacious locations, where you can get a variety of minerals. You can craft items from the collected materials.

Traveling through the world, the protagonist meets different characters. They can take quests or trade with NPCs. In the dungeons it is possible to find powerful weapons. With weapons in Necesse you need to fight with a huge number of enemies. Unique items fall from defeated opponents. They can be sold or dismantled for parts. Allows you to create a combination of weapons. Weapon Configuration changes in real time.

Single-handed or partnered, you will need to battle powerful monsters. Neighboring Islands are also available to explore. Each island is represented by indi vidual biomes. Ore and treasure are mined in the dungeons. Bringing booty to the settlement will require you to pump up your territory. Protect your homeland from enemy raids. Alchemical abilities are available, allowing you to create a variety of magical items. Each player can get a pet. If you pump up the necessary perk, the great animal protagonist is able to tame and saddle up to travel the vast expanse of the world.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 0.21.21 [New Version]
Size: 195.56 Mb
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