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Neon Chrome
Release: 2016
Developer: 10tons Ltd
Publisher: 10tons Ltd
Game Version: v 1.1.7
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 200 MB
Neon chrome Is a hybrid of a roguelike and top-down shooter. The game has a partially destructible environment. You can destroy some objects and shoot through certain walls. All locations (except arenas with bosses) are generated randomly. There is a temporary and permanent character leveling. Cannons are also allowed to be upgraded. HP bar is restored with first aid kits.

Neon Chrome was created by the developers of Crimsonland. The heir inherited the engine and the mechanics of the shooting from the iconic arena shooter. Aliens and zombies have been replaced by corporate guards and robots. The entourage here is cyberpansky. Events unfold in the near future, where a certain Overseer enslaved people inside a giant skyscraper. He is confronted by a hacker girl. Before the start of each race, she connects her mind to the soldiers stored in the capsules. All shootouts take place inside a huge building.

There are always 3 clone characters to choose from, but the list of applicants is random. Heroes differ in initial weapons and passive skills. For example, a burglar can open all types of doors on a card (except those that require a card key). The cannons are on the levels and open as you progress. There are submachine guns, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, etc. Moreover, it can be both firearms and energy.

There are also additional skills (increasing health, expanding the clip and stuff like that). They will disappear with the death of the soldier. As soon as the dummy character dies, the gamers are shown the main character's hideout. There you can spend the money you earn to buy permanent upgrades and choose a new hero. Every few levels there are stages with bosses. If you defeat the leader, then the next race can be started from his floor..
Gameplay Trailer:
Neon ChromeNeon ChromeNeon Chrome

Version: v 1.1.7
Size: 189 Mb
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