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Mad Experiments: Escape Room
Release: 2020
Developer: PlayTogether Studio
Publisher: PlayTogether Studio
Game Version: v b6178422 + Multiplayer
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (x64)
Processor: Intel i3 / AMD FX series
Graphics: Nvidia 450 / AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 3 Gb
Mad Experiments: Escape Room - multiplayer action game designed for experienced players. The fact is that the project is an escape game where you need to act alone or in a team to find a way to escape from the room. Quest room filled with a huge number of puzzles, traps and obstacles, as well as a lot of interaction items. You have only 60 minutes to develop and implement an escape plan.

The team consists of 6 people. Once locked in huge rooms, immediately start looking for objects to interact with. Try to find a connection between them and perform the actions in the correct sequence. Every team member in Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a very important cog in the complex gameplay. Explore the environment, interact with objects and combine them. All objects are interactive. They can be twisted and rotated. Study everything carefully!

In total, you have to go through 3 inventive chapters: The Laboratory at the Manor, Amnesia and Lost Childhood. The plot tells about a certain professor of Cheshire, who, together with his assistant Hildegarda, invites a group of people for some kind of experiment. Scientists are obsessed with the study of the human brain, so they want to test it in the "field." During the experiments, you have to fall into a coma and Hildegard will try to pull you out. Also, you will find yourself in the past of Hildegard, being in her nursery. See what past haunted the girl before she got to the professor.
Gameplay Trailer:
Mad Experiments: Escape RoomMad Experiments: Escape RoomMad Experiments: Escape Room

Version: v b6178422 + Multiplayer
Size: 851.83 Mb
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