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Quake 3 - Collection
Release: 2000
Developer: ID Software
Publisher: ID Software
Game Version: v 1.36
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8
Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz
Graphics: 64 Mb, DirectX 9.0
Memory: 128 Mb
Quake 3 - Collection - first person shooter, the main feature of which is in multiplayer. Fierce battles are held here, where opponents destroy each other using a varied arsenal of weapons. The game against bots is not inferior in complexity. Crowds of enemies, armed to the teeth, will make even a skilled fighter sweat. In single-player mode, the difficulty level is first selected - the higher it is, the more accurately the opponents shoot. The AI ​​gets stronger as you progress.Locations are divided into 3 types:

deathmatch (19 in total) - you need to clear the territory from all opponents;
CTF (4) - the goal is to capture the flag of the enemy side;
tourney (6) - 1v1 duels with bots or real players.
Maps differ in their appearance - they can be either winding corridors or open spaces. They also belong to different time periods - from the Middle Ages to the future..
In the third part of the series, the double jump was removed, but strafe jumps appeared. The user can control the arc of his "flight", covering the greatest possible distance. Also increased the speed of swimming underwater, which allows you to deftly move away from the opponent or catch up with him.

Various weapons help to fight. At the first level, the player receives an assault rifle - a weak device, but capable of finishing off a half-dead enemy. Later, a double-barreled gun appears in the equipment, which shows itself perfectly at close and medium distances. Further, the arsenal is replenished with more and more powerful weapons, such as a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher. The strongest cannon is the BFG10K, which deals a lot of damage and has a huge explosion radius.

In addition to attacking devices, there is armor that absorbs 2 times more damage than a health bar. To increase the chances in battle, you should pick up bonuses. Some give temporary invulnerability, others increase strength. Also, the developers have added new amplifiers. Medkit is a tool that replenishes the HP scale. The rune of invisibility hides the user no worse than a predator's ammunition. Teleport sends the user to a random point on the map.
Gameplay Trailer:
Quake 3 - CollectionQuake 3 - CollectionQuake 3 - Collection

Version: v 1.36
Size: 2.81 Gb
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