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Quake 3 Arena
Release: 1999
Developer: id Software
Publisher: id Software
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz
Graphics: 3D
Memory: 128 Mb
Quake 3 arena talks about how the ancient race Vadrigar once built the Eternal Arena. This sacred site was a gladiatorial arena that served as entertainment for the Vadrigar people. They demanded bread and circuses, so only the best fighters fought on the battlefield. Quake 3: Arena is a classic first-person shooter. No role-playing system, no additional mechanics. Only dynamic and brutal action. There is a huge selection of weapons: machine gun, double-barreled, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and such exclusive barrels as Lightning Gun, PlazmaGun, RailGun and BFG10K.

The gameplay consists in passing circles, which are numbered from Tier 0 to Tier 7. Defeating all opponents at the previous location, the player moves on until he fights the champion of gladiatorial fights - Ziro. The single player campaign consists of battles with bots on 4 different maps, each containing 7 links. When killing opponents, medals drop out for committed actions: headshots, chains of murders, etc. Quake 3 Arena multiplayer consists of several modes:

Free For All - a classic deathmatch, where each fighter speaks for himself;
Team Deathmatch - battles where the team whose member is the last to survive wins;
Tournament - one-on-one battles, where the winning participant goes further;
Capture The Flag - capture the enemy banner that you want to bring to your base.
Armor is represented by only one type, differing only in the units of protective points. Locations contain boosts that give temporary immortality, invisibility, teleportation, or a "predator effect" that allows you to quickly deal with opponents. PunkBuster anti-cheat is built into the network code. The developers allow you to play alone in all network modes, which emulates a multiplayer game (Skirmish - skirmish). All maps are available, only instead of other players you need to fight bots.
Gameplay Trailer:
Quake 3 ArenaQuake 3 ArenaQuake 3 Arena

Version: Full Last Release
Size: 414.11 Mb
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