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Re: Legend
Release: 2019
Developer: Magnus Games Studio
Publisher: Magnus Games Studio
Game Version: (Early Access) Latest Version
System Requirements:
OS: Windos 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel i5
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 2GB
Memory: 6 GB
Storage: 7 GB
Re: Legend - farm simulator with RPG elements. Embark on an adventure filled with fantastic creatures. Build a farm, grow vegetables and fruits, fish, breed strange pets, and much more. Events are taking place on the island of Etia in the village of Wokka, which is located in Ethiopia. Arriving in the village, start a new life and try to remember your past.

Learn the basics of survival, farm the land, meet the inhabitants of the settlement and expand your village by caring for a magical creature called the Magnus. It is not so easy to regain memory, and the whole island is filled with various threats and problems. Help your neighbors and protect them from hostile Magnus. Any creature can be tamed. They will be able to help in battle, agriculture, travel, etc. Depending on your care, they grow in different ways and develop personal character..

While developing the farm, get food and collect materials both for the village and for yourself. Re: Legend can swim. Dive to the bottom of the ocean to find treasures and useful resources. Take a variety of weapons into your hands to fight wild animals. Communicate with locals, carry out their errands and participate in entertainment, including a festival and various holidays.

Completing quests, get experience points and pump skills. The character can be engaged in mining, fishing, logging, farming, creating weapons and much more. Multiplayer available. Host activities, resources and memories. Share work and raise Magnus together.
Gameplay Trailer:
Re: LegendRe: LegendRe: Legend

Version: (Early Access) Latest Version
Size: 1.64 Gb
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