Hardspace: Shipbreaker torrent download

Hardspace: Shipbreaker
Release: 2020
Developer: Blackbird Interactive
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Game Version: v1.3.0.330144
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 4 GB VRAM, GeForce GTX 770 / Radeon R9 380
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes: 30 FPS in 1920x1080.
In the vast expanse of space, debt becomes a weighty burden, and in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, players find themselves indebted to the formidable LYNX corporation. The protagonist's journey unfolds as a gripping saga of debt repayment, where the only way out is to embark on a perilous mission: dismantling colossal space vessels for scraps. The stakes are high, and every cut, every salvage counts towards carving out a path to financial freedom.

As you plunge deeper into the unforgiving cosmos, the scale of your assignments escalates, thrusting you into the heart of mammoth spacecraft ripe with valuable resources. However, the task is not merely to dismantle but to dissect with precision, meticulously inspecting every nook and cranny before sending the remnants for recycling. Success hinges on your ability to extract maximum value from each vessel, paving the way to settle your debt and carve out a profitable future.

Armed with cutting-edge equipment, provided by your corporate overlords, you'll navigate the intricate labyrinth of ship interiors, slicing through locks and compartments to unearth treasures hidden within. But amid the vastness of space lurks danger at every turn, reminding you that one misstep could spell doom. Every decision is fraught with consequence, and survival demands a delicate balance between risk and reward.

In Hardspace: Shipbreaker, progression is not just about accumulating wealth but mastering your craft. Enhanced tools unlock lucrative contracts, rewarding skill and efficiency. The game's engine meticulously renders every movement and interaction with precision, immersing players in a world where physics reign supreme.

Yet, the journey is not without its diversions. Secondary tasks beckon, offering opportunities to extract oxygen from malfunctioning shuttles or salvage precious fuel reserves. Each vessel presents a unique challenge, demanding adaptability and ingenuity to navigate the intricacies of the recycling process.

In the crucible of space, debt may weigh heavy, but with determination and skill, you can forge a new destiny among the stars. Welcome to Hardspace: Shipbreaker, where every salvage is a step towards redemption and every cut shapes your fate in the cosmos.
Gameplay Trailer:
Hardspace: ShipbreakerHardspace: ShipbreakerHardspace: Shipbreaker

Version: v1.3.0.330144
Size: 1.54 Gb
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