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While the Iron's Hot
Release: 2023
Developer: Bontemps Games
Publisher: Humble Games
Game Version: Build 12867226
System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 10 Gb
While the Iron's Hot - a simulator that immerses you in the captivating world of a true blacksmith. From the very outset of the game, you find yourself in the realm of a wandering blacksmith. Your protagonist embarks on a quest to discover the perfect location to showcase their forging skills. By the twists of fate, you find yourself in the land of Ellian, where legendary masters have honed their craft for years. Thus begins your journey into the craft, exploring their world, and engaging with intriguing characters. A standout feature of the game is the prestige system. It allows you to gauge your progress and the quality of your commissioned work. At the end of each workday, as you lay down to rest, the game provides a daily summary of your achievements, rewarding you with experience (prestige) along with a choice of three upgrades. These upgrades can range from reducing fatigue to increasing the money earned from selling crafted items. You have the freedom to independently forge weapons, armor, and everyday items. Each item demands unique skills and materials. The game grants you complete autonomy in crafting and enhancing items, adding more depth and realism to the gameplay.
Gameplay Trailer:
While the Iron's HotWhile the Iron's HotWhile the Iron's Hot

Version: Build 12867226
Size: 1.77 GB
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