Revival: Recolonization torrent download

Revival: Recolonization
Release: 2024
Developer: HeroCraft PC
Publisher: HeroCraft PC, Gamersky Games
Game Version: v 0.8.394 (Build 13021315)
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 (5th Generation) / AMD Ryzen 5
Graphics: NVidia GTX 1050 / AMD RX550
Memory: 1,6 Gb
Storage: 8 Gb
Revival: Recolonization vividly demonstrates to players what will happen to the world after the apocalypse. For a long time, humanity hid in the catacombs, and finally, people decided to venture back to the surface. As it turned out, everything had changed, and not for the better. So now, in addition to rebuilding the former civilization, players will have to contend with other adversaries who have chosen a different path of development.

The gameplay of this turn-based strategy game revolves around building and developing settlements while engaging in battles between warring factions in a world plagued by a total lack of strategic resources. The main problem is that during humanity's absence on the planet's surface, new life forms evolved under the influence of radiation. If they are welcoming to humanity emerging from the shadows, it is only as food. Therefore, while constructing another building, players must remember that creatures capable of ruining the mood and taking the lives of the entire city could arrive at any moment.

Battles take place in a turn-based mode. In addition to the player's faction, representatives of other factions operate on the global map, and they will undoubtedly try to conquer fortified territories. To avoid succumbing to the pressure of a stronger enemy, players must constantly evolve, striving for technological perfection. But to achieve this, they will need to earn money through trade and resource extraction.
Gameplay Trailer:
Revival: Recolonization
Revival: Recolonization
Revival: Recolonization

Version: v 0.8.394 (Build 13021315)
Size: 1.52 Gb
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