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Space Defense Grid
Release: 2022
Developer: Circuit Cat Studio
Publisher: Circuit Cat Studio
Game Version: v 1.0
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Processor: i3 2.6Ghz or AMD equivalent
Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 1 Gb RAM
Storage: 2 Gb
Space Defense Grid allows gamers to go to a sci-fi setting, where they have to fight in the style of tower defense. Players will defend their base with a variety of weapons and turrets. Gradually upgrade your abilities and active skills to improve the defense and attack tools of turrets and other cannons. You will be able to enclose buildings with an energy shield, increasing your defense and t.

As they progress through Space Defense Grid, users will be able to assemble a space team to defend their camp. You'll have to fight off waves of attacking enemies who will make their way to the energy center. Users get to enjoy a variety of gameplay mechanics and unique abilities that will allow you to build your own tactics and strategy for passing levels.

Players need to complete single-player campaign tasks, gradually increasing armor-piercing weapons and turrets. You will also be able to use special shields that will block some of the damage the turrets receive. The main task in each level is the elimination and mopping up of the map from enemy troops, using a limited supply of resources to build the necessary weapons and defensive mechanisms that can contain or destroy enemies.
Gameplay Trailer:
Space Defense GridSpace Defense GridSpace Defense Grid

Version: v 1.0
Size: 597.38 MB
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