Acquitted torrent download

Release: 2022
Developer: Nordic Empire Games
Publisher: Nordic Empire Games
Game Version: Build 8821207 [New Version]
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel dual core
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500
Memory: 512 Mb
Storage: 150 Mb
Acquitted is a fast-paced post-apocalyptic shooter in which the protagonist is a former criminal. He has just been released from prison and almost immediately finds himself in a more dangerous place. The world is overrun by a zombie epidemic and the freed will now have to take up arms again, only now the enemies are dead brains. There is no storyline, but instead offers an endless number of procedurally generated levels.

All zombies in Acquitted are divided into 2 types:
- small (privates) - alone are not dangerous, but like to attack in droves, are able to use cold weapons like bricks and sticks, and throw dirt that slows down the protagonist, die with one hit or a shot;
- big (steep) - even one of these big guys gives you trouble, can kill a character with a single hit, has a large margin of safety, able to break through most fortifications with its force.

Acquitted has no end goal - play as long as you don't get bored or as long as the difficulty allows. With each new location there are more enemies and among them there are more big dead. The number of weapons in the arsenal of the gamer reaches 18 - here are the classic pistols and chainsaws, and more serious machine guns miniguns with 6 barrels. The gameplay is very fast - everything happens so lightning fast that any distraction becomes devastating. Controls are simple - you need only 4 keys for movement and one mouse button to select the target and attack.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: Build 8821207 [New Version]
Size: 57.2 MB
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