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Making Memories
Release: 2022
Developer: kvitravn
Publisher: kvitravn
Game Version: v Ep. 4 v.0.4 Fixed2 Rus / Ep. 5 v.0.5 Eng + Incest Patch
System Requirements:
OS: 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 Gb
Making Memories is an erotic novella centered around a character named Alvaro. He lost his memory in a car accident. He has a long road to recovery, trying to remember details of his previous life. Creating Memories is a drama with a lot of unexpected plot twists. The story is about interesting and charismatic characters trying to find answers to many pressing questions. Narrative forks make the project replayable. You can replay the game to choose other lines.

The game contains a lot of bed scenes. All sexual content is completely uncensored. All of the Making Memories heroines can be slept with. During the dialogues a special window is available, which presents several answers. By choosing a line, the hero responds to his female companions, thus moving the storyline forward. The hero's actions affect his future and the lives of other characters. There are plot twists and unexpected turns. Girls on an Adventure - complex heroines with their own pasts, complexes, fears, and indiidividual type of character. With each girl in the game presents a unique type of sex. Erotic content is absolutely for all lovers of the genre. The hero can either stay with one girl or be with all of them at once.
Gameplay Trailer:
Making MemoriesMaking MemoriesMaking Memories

Version: v Ep. 4 v.0.4 Fixed2 Rus / Ep. 5 v.0.5 Eng + Incest Patch
Size: 8.97 GB
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