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Otherworldly Harem
Release: 2022
Developer: otherworldlyharem
Publisher: otherworldlyharem
Game Version: v 0.0.1 [New Version]
System Requirements:
OS: 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2 GHz - Dual Core
Memory: 2 Gb
Otherworldly Harem is a visual novel with a very adult storyline and many pornographic scenes, which was developed specifically for an adult audience. The protagonist of the story becomes a young man, who at one point realizes that his life is far from the best way - he is strongly dissatisfied with it and dreams to change everything. He's made a bunch of fatal mistakes that are now nearly impossible to undo. But then a real miracle happens - suddenly in the morning he wakes up in the past.

Otherworldly Harem protagonist gets an incredible opportunity, which is given to a few. The hero finds himself exactly at the moment when he first made the wrong choice. Armed with experience and knowledge of the future, the gamer must act differently and not allow the character's life to once again turn into the real hell from which he so desperately tried to escape. Hardly a key role in this story will be played by the relationship between the protagonist and the beautiful girls.

The main and only element of gameplay is communication, which is served in the form of endless dialogues. In these, the user can choose from several options, and here it is important to think each time, for each such decision has long-lasting consequences. In the background of the text, colorful scenery constantly alternates and beautiful heroines with anime-style looks appear. Absolutely all of them are goddesses of beauty and sex, which everyone dreams to sleep with, and the gamer gets the opportunity here and now.
Gameplay Trailer:
Otherworldly HaremOtherworldly HaremOtherworldly Harem

Version: v 0.0.1 [New Version]
Size: 874.95 MB
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