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Parcel Panic
Release: 2019
Genre: Action / Indie / Casual / Racing
Developer: Hernes Hunters Productions
Publisher: Hernes Hunters Productions
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: Windos 10
Processor: i5
Graphics: gtx980
Memory: 2 GB
Parcel panic - arcade courier simulator in which you control postal transport, delivering letters and parcels to addressees. By keeping within the timer, you get money. Invest them in business development and expand your influence throughout the city. As they say, time is money. Try to act as quickly as possible, but don't panic.

Take shortcuts and deliver parcels to their owners as quickly as possible. The faster you get the job done, the more money you will earn. Pick up parcels quickly and deliver them at the door to the recipients at the same speed. Parcel Panic has online spreadsheets that track your personal achievements against other players around the world. Records record both the best time and the efficiency of your trip.

Be ruthless and overtake everyone in your path, race at a red light, drive into the oncoming lane if time requires you, and also use shortcuts, sidewalks, ram fences, etc. You shouldn't be worried about anything but money! However, try not to waste not only time, but also your load. Excessive damage or strong impacts can damage both the transport and the package itself. Take care of your customers!
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: Full Last Release
Size: 573 Mb
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