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Mad tower tycoon
Release: 2020
Developer: Eggcode
Publisher: Eggcode
Game Version: v from 03/08/2020
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible 1Gb or better
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 2 Gb
FROM Mad tower tycoon you can create a skyscraper with a hundred floors and place any entertainment and living space in it. Here you can equip theaters, bars, zoos, cinemas to attract more customers. Also, the player will have to think about a full-fledged parking lot, which will make the stay of people in this meta as accessible and comfortable as possible..

Crazy Skyscraper Builder has free choice building gameplay. In your own skyscraper, you can place not only shops, but also offices and even apartments. This will certainly bring impressive revenues. The funds will be needed for all sorts of extensions and improvements to the multi-storey building. Having thoroughly pumped his building, the player will be able to claim a reward - six stars.

Special attention in the game is the elevator system, which has a lot of settings. Here you can reduce the waiting time, and even skip unnecessary floors. The simulator also has a lot of unpredictable events, for example, there are disgruntled tenants, there are fires, earthquakes, and even UFO abductions. With them, in the process, you have to learn to fight and overcome.

The gamer will complete missions and receive statistics daily. This will allow you to gain experience, thanks to which you can open more than half a hundred skills. The game has detailed statistics, thanks to which you can find out a lot of information, for example, about the cleanliness of the premises, the level of noise in them, the number of visitors and profits for a certain time.
Gameplay Trailer:
Mad tower tycoonMad tower tycoonMad tower tycoon

Version: v from 03/08/2020
Size: 248 MB
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