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Run! ZombieFood!
Release: 2017
Developer: VirusSea
Publisher: VirusSea
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 300 MB
Run! ZombieFood! - isometric adventure with casual controls and cartoon graphics with low texture details. The characters are made using disproportionate heads that are larger than the rest of the body. A great emphasis in single-player game mode is on strategy, because opponents always have a numerical advantage over a group of survivors controlled by a gamer.

The setting of the project was post-apocalypse, human civilization faced the threat of total extermination due to the outbreak of a pandemic, which turned the infected into the walking dead. Due to the fact that the world is in decline, the issue of finding the required amount of supplies is especially acute. The player will have to carefully examine every available location for the presence of food, medicine, weapons and ammunition for firearms. Rescuing more and more survivors and not losing them in fierce battles, the gamer gets the opportunity to travel the world and destroy zombies with an ever-growing group.

Thanks to role-playing mechanics, the user can pump his virtual protégés, improving those indicators that are most relevant to the chosen style of play. The campaign is divided into days, the player can choose at what time of day to leave the shelter to explore the territories. Zombies are more aggressive at night, but more valuable loot can be found.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: Full Last Release
Size: 49 Mb
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