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Knights Of The Chalice
Release: 2009
Developer: Heroic Fantasy Games Dot Com
Publisher: Heroic Fantasy Games Dot Com
Game Version: v 1.23 full
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Knights of the chalice - 2D role-playing game made in old school style. Exploration and turn-based battles await you. Create four unique heroes and set off to explore fantasy lands. Your task is simple at the same time, but there are many obstacles to overcome to achieve it. You have to free the world from Slavers, Demons, Dragons and other Forces of Evil.

A group of heroes set out on a journey with only the first level of experience. During the passage, you have to reach level 20, which will make it possible to fight every enemy on your way. The project is based on the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and the role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast. Explore the picturesque Crimson Coast of Mindrel. Many dangers, obstacles and charismatic characters await you.
Features of Knights of the Chalice:
  • turn-based battles in the style of the classic Temple of Elemental Evil game;
  • very simple and intuitive controls that allow you to change attacks with a single click;
  • special intelligence of enemies, analyzing your actions and forcing opponents to act in a group;
  • enemies attack with Grabs, Dash and Fireball;
  • a complete rulebook covering dice rolls, saving throws, attack rolls, modifiers, etc .;
  • 175 magic spells that can be opened as you progress;
  • creating your own weapons and enchantments, including Wounding, Speed, Flaming Burst and Keen;
  • branching dialogues with a choice of replicas;
  • full story campaign inspired by the world of DND.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 1.23 full
Size: 8.2 Mb
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