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A Perfect Marriage
Release: 2022
Developer: Mr Palmer
Publisher: Mr Palmer
Game Version: v 1.0 Rus / v.0.2 Eng
System Requirements:
OS: 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2 GHz - Dual Core
Memory: 2 Gb
A Perfect Marriage is an opportunity to go on a sexual adventure involving a young married couple. Heroes will go through a difficult path of personal growth and change in relationships that are beginning to fall apart due to jealousy and various problems. The game is a visual interactive novel, where players have to take control of David in the first act of the story, and after Anna in the second part. Each character will look at the situation from his or her own perspective.

Players in Perfect Marriage will be able to make a variety of decisions for each protagonist that will change the events that occur. Users will have to read the dialogues, as well as choose appropriate cue variations. The game is intended for an adult audience of gamers because of the large number of erotic scenes that have to be observed during the passing. Users will be able to learn the story of family life, where you can get one of the endings presented.

During the adventures of a married couple, players will have to:
- Make a lot of important decisions and deal with difficult moral dilemmas that will affect the relationship of the newlyweds.
- Take the single-player campaign, where you have the opportunity to control Anna or David, who have different views on the circumstances.
- Perform a variety of actions that will direct the story in the desired direction.
A Perfect MarriageA Perfect MarriageA Perfect Marriage

Version: v 1.0 Rus / v.0.2 Eng
Size: 1.32 GB
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