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Release: 2021
Developer: Coldrice games
Publisher: Coldrice games
Game Version: v 0.0.8 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core (2.4 Ghz)
Memory: 2 Gb
Duster - pixel survivalist in the Wild West setting. The gameplay offers to take on the role of a cowboy, who went on a journey to wild lands in order to find wealth. The game provides many options for resolving conflicts. For example, if you come across a camp of robbers, you can act in three different ways: break through, sneak in stealth mode, or try to set a pack of wolves or a bear on the bandits.

Locations and fauna are randomly generated. The main feature is that the hero can die of dysentery and hunger, so the danger is not only enemies, but the very environment of the Californian lands. The territories are represented by a variety of landscapes, be it desert, forest or mountains.
Duster gameplay:
  • hunger control, resource management, including ammunition and first aid kits;
  • the ability to catch diseases or break limbs;
  • stopping at taverns, trading in supplies and completing various missions;
  • outlaw camps and chance encounters in the Wild West;
  • wild and aggressive fauna, represented by predatory animals;
  • dynamic change of day and night.

The gameplay is represented by permanent death, so it constantly raises fear for your life and forces you to carefully weigh your actions and perform only deliberate actions. The constant threat of death greatly increases the risks and the degree of stress from the game. Nevertheless, after death, you can always read funny tombstones on the grave of the protagonist..
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 0.0.8 | Early access
Size: 35.8 Mb
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