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Release: 2019
Developer: Nine Dots Studio
Publisher: Prime Matter
Game Version: v build 20210211 + Multiplayer
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent
Graphics: Nvidia GTS 450 or similar
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 20 Gb
Role-playing Outward third person perspective includes several difficult aspects of survival. Your traveler will travel to an open world where he will have to monitor his own temperature, water availability, food and energy. Without observing the proper level of these factors, the character will die faster. For example, you may be struck by a cold if you don't find the cure in time, and bad food will give you an upset stomach, so be careful about what you eat..

As long as you are on the territory of any city, the environment will prepare to grab you and hide you behind bars, so if you do not have enough strength to resist, the character will simply be captured.

Outward's spell system is designed to be incredibly difficult to obtain. They are available in the store or after leveling the character, which depends on the completed quests for various NPCs.

The plot develops on the basis of a monetary debt, which the main character undertakes to return for his family. If he does not do this, then all family savings will be spent to somehow pay the amount. He goes to the open world, where he can earn a certain amount of money in order to return and provide for his family until the end of his days, but this trip turns into the most interesting, but difficult story of survival in such a world..

Quests are calculated to be completed within a time period. For some 5 minutes are given - to find the answer to the question, and some are designed for months - to bring some item from the den of the creature. Therefore, you will fight deserters, rebels and armies of various factions, kill animals, get meat and water, look for medicines, and also constantly spend time looking for an overnight stay.

The wildlife around you guarantees epic battles, challenging spell mining, split-screen multiplayer, and an interesting scenario that you dictate exclusively.
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Version: v build 20210211 + Multiplayer
Size: 9.55 Gb
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