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Release: 2022
Developer: Dorfl
Publisher: Dorfl
Game Version: v 0.1.60 [New Version]
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics: GTX 1080+
Memory: 8 Gb
Storage: 50 Mb
Factropy crosses factory management simulator with real-time strategy. Indi-Project has three-dimensional graphics in the Low Poly style, but the expansion of the enterprise takes place on a two-dimensional plane. At the same time, in some cases, the features of the 3D landscape are still taken into account. For example, wind farms here are best placed on higher ground. The video game is set on the planet of Proxima II. The user must mine resources, develop a factory, establish production and optimize all processes. In the story the user makes shells and bombs, while his faction is involved in an interstellar war. The enemy itself periodically sends astroids and hits it with missiles. So here we need to take care of the air defense. All battles take place in the sky. You can put turrets and unleash flying machines.

Indi-Title allows you to place mines and oil rigs, lay pneumatic tubes, create and launch conveyor belts, send drones, transport planes and logistics blimps, build many different objects. You can control buildings remotely. The game Facttopia has a technology tree. Unlike other similar taytles, it is not based on exploration. Instead, the progression system is tied to jobs. As a reward for completing tasks from the military, gamer receives new technological improvements. And the user is given exactly the upgrades that are needed for the next specific task.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 0.1.60 [New Version]
Size: 53.80 MB
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