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Samorost 2
Release: 2009
Developer: Amanita Design
Publisher: Amanita Design
Game Version: v 2.32
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or later;
Processor: with a clock frequency of 1 Ghz
Graphics: any
Memory: 256 Mb
Dwarf in a white robe from Samorost 2 adventure awaits again. All sorts of troubles constantly happen to him, although he lives on a piece of driftwood that flies in space. After the gnome is in a dangerous situation with an asteroid, aliens fly to him. The aliens so zealously began to steal the hero's harvest that, fleeing, they dragged away his beloved doggie. Now the character goes in search of him.

The Virtual Universe is made in a surreal setting with the presence of futuristic elements. Its inhabitants are creatures of different sizes and types, which will help the protagonist in the process. There are no dialogues, and the passage through the numerous levels is carried out with mysterious music. In this world, you need to solve puzzles, many of which are very difficult. It is necessary to solve logic puzzles using active objects with which the protagonist interacts. In most of them it is necessary to activate items in a certain sequence. In some cases, you will need to play on a special pipe, thanks to which you can "revive" some characters or solve the next task.

Hints are available to the gamer, which are in the game menu. To do this, you need to open a special book, which schematically shows the sequence of actions. Despite this, from time to time you should be extremely careful, because the required object may be small or able to organically fit into the environment. Passing linear levels in Samorost 2, the user will be able to complete all tasks and find the hero's dog.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 2.32
Size: 166 Mb
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