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Release: 2016
Developer: Monochrome Inc
Publisher: Monochrome Inc
Game Version: v from 10.16.2016
System Requirements:
OS: Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 Ghz
Graphics: ATI X800 / NVIDIA 6600
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 7 Gb
Contagion - addicting zombie first-person shooter, created in the best traditions of action with a completely open world.

The plot tells us about the world, into which the virus has penetrated and absorbs everyone without a trace. Everyone who fell under his actions turned into half-dead carcasses that thirst for blood. We take on the role of a character for a large-scale cleansing of human lands from zombies. Before us open vast locations, overflowing with bloodthirsty creatures. We have to create our own team to destroy all opponents.

The gameplay of the game requires a multiplayer connection, because the whole process directly depends on the cooperative actions of you and your allies. The whole world seems very real - you ran out of cartridges, reload urgently, or you need a first-aid kit - step aside and get medical treatment. During such manipulations, there must be constant support and those who will cover your back. You can communicate with your colleagues through the microphone.

The project turned out to be very dynamic and memorable. The graphic part is made at a height, all the characters are very clearly drawn. Each object has its own shape and casts a shadow. Almost all objects allow you to interact with yourself, using them as improvised means of attack.

Huge selection of weapons that can be found in houses or in boxes at locations. The physics in the game is also well thought out, the heroes realistically move and get injured and do not fall into the textures of the locations at all.

The soundtrack is very diverse. Each mission launches its own unique soundtrack, which was recorded by professionals for this game. All the squeaks and screams that zombies make, fit very well into the gameplay and create a completely immersive effect. Plunge into this amazing world of the post-apocalyptic world and save the remnants of humanity from half-dead pieces of flesh.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v from 10.16.2016
Size: 4.63 Gb
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