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Earth 2140
Release: 2013
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: Topware Interactive ACE, ACE
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel or AMD Single Core CPU
Graphics: 3D graphics card 128 Mb
Memory: 512 Mb
Storage: 700 Mb
Strategy Earth 2140 tells about the world of the future. In 2140, only 2 groups remained on Earth: the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) and the United Developed States (ORG). They fight each other for territory and resources..

The player will join one of the factions and help her win. The game Earth 2140 has more than 50 missions and 100 units. The user will be engaged in the construction of buildings, extraction of resources, protection from enemy attacks and attacks on enemy bases. Each side has its own characteristics of weapons.

ORG - immigrants from America, which has a high level of technical development. They use robots in battles. The troops are commanded by the GOLAN system, which evaluates the strength of the troops and even calculates the chances of victory. But the program is not flawless and malfunctions, so no one can predict the outcome of the battle..

The US Marines are combat robots. The vehicles are armed with machine guns, rocket launchers or plasma cannons, and some are capable of self-destruction. The vehicles are RAPTOR vehicles, more armored TIGER and SPIDER vehicles. All equipment is equipped with a firearm of varying power levels. For naval battles, the States use submarines, and in the sky they use plasma bombers and a helicopter with a machine gun..

ED is a monarchical state with a lower standard of living. In battles, they use tanks and helicopters. In contrast to the enemy robots, the ED has ion cannons, lasers and invisibility generators. The faction relies heavily on the actions of the infantry. Each soldier has grenades that are effective against enemy armored vehicles.

Also, the Eurasian Dynasty uses its advantage on the water and in the air. They own the best helicopters and a full-fledged naval fleet, including cruisers, battleships and other ships..

We should also note the elaboration of the game moments. Resources are extracted from mines and sent to a refinery for processing. After being hit by nuclear shells, the area becomes infected, so the units located there receive radiation damage.
Gameplay Trailer:
Earth 2140Earth 2140Earth 2140Earth 2140Earth 2140Earth 2140

Version: Full Last Release
Size: 984.28 Mb
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