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Spartan Fist
Release: 2018
Developer: Glass Bottom Games
Publisher: Glass Bottom Games
Game Version: v Build 2816280
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core i7-3770
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 2 Gb
Spartan fist - dynamic first-person action game with a huge amount of violence, blood and severed body parts. The universe of this project has common characters used in the storytelling in a single-player story campaign, with other products from this indie studio. There is full support for gamepads from any manufacturer, which is suitable for spending time in this game while on the couch. Pixel visuals are used, which is why the surrounding world and the characters around are made using squares, without the use of round shapes.

The storyline will tell the story of a girl detective named Emma, ​​who is investigating the case of the disappearance of an ancient artifact called "The Fist of the Spartan". In parallel with this, the protagonist participates in tournaments where fighters destroy opponents for the amusement of the audience gathered at the stadium. Each new battle takes place in an unprecedented arena, which uses different objects of the environment to create a special landscape.

The gameplay is based on precise strikes and the ability to dodge a lightning-fast jab thrown towards the main character in time. By increasing your own skills in battles in tournaments, combo attacks with powerful damage are unlocked. Also, a pumping branch is available, which allows you to tighten up the character's weak points and develop strong ones. To change the fighting style, it is possible to replace gloves on Emmy's fists, each of which has different abilities and changes the gameplay.
Gameplay Trailer:
Spartan FistSpartan FistSpartan FistSpartan FistSpartan FistSpartan Fist

Version: v Build 2816280
Size: 270 Mb
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