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Release: 2003
Genre: Action / Shooter
Developer: Digitalo Studios ARUSH Entertainment
Publisher: ARUSH Entertainment
Game Version: Full Last Release
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium® III 500 MHz
Graphics: 32 Mb
Memory: 128 Mb
Storage: 1.2 Gb
Complete devastation and chaos in Devastation show all the charm of the post-apocalyptic universe, where the world is ruled by the enemy corporation Gratius, and a small gang of rebels is ready at all times to fight injustice. The brave boy Flynn became the head of the gang, who learned that the organization was preparing special weapons that would soon be able to revive dead fighters and create multimillion-dollar armies to destroy and seize the planet..

Further, everything is completely clear and monotonous. The guys go along the trodden path to smash the heads of opponents and go through stealth missions. Unfortunately, the game does not tell the story of each participant, so you need to play as ordinary "dummies" that do not show feelings and do not even communicate with each other.

The visual component of Devastation is made in dark colors. Empty playgrounds, Alcatraz prison, ruins formerly called houses, garbage scattered all over the place and other not very pleasant moments of the empty city are impressive. Well-armed special forces, who skillfully hide from the bullets of the protagonists, will interfere with the tasks, so it will not be so easy to cope with it.

However, the players have a rich arsenal of guns. More than 35 types of various weapons: katana, electric nail gun, nuclear rail, metal glove and cybernetic mouse on wheels, which can be sent to reconnaissance and detonated in the same place. Instead of the beloved rocket launchers and grenades, there is a minigun, a whole bunch of different pistols and rifles.
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Version: Full Last Release
Size: 447.50 Mb
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