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Release: 2017
Genre: Simulators
Developer: Casualogic
Publisher: Valkyrie Initiative
Game Version: v 2.05 build 825
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium / AMD 2 GHz or higher
Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compliant 512Mb
Memory: 2000 Mb
Storage: 600 Mb
StellarHub Is a space station simulator that allows you to take control of an entire ship.

The plot of the game tells the story of humanity, which has reached its peak of development. A whole crew was formed to study other star systems and possible civilizations..

The gamer will have to create an entire space station and deal with the survival of a professional team. The ship lends itself to constant improvement of modules and blocks: greenhouses, medical cabins, oxygen stations, small farms and human reproduction centers. The main goal of all expeditions is the development of a new habitat for mankind.

During the entire passage, various difficult situations will be randomly generated: meteor showers, lack of resources or the failure of parts of the ship. It is necessary to create elements of protection: guns, energy barriers and high-quality spacesuits.

It must have several mandatory departments: scientific laboratories, living quarters, a first-aid post and a warehouse for storing food. The player will have to train each member of the crew. They have their own unique characteristics: agility, strength and intelligence. Missions will appear in random order and you must complete each of them. Over time, you can expand your team and send new people to increase the workforce.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 2.05 build 825
Size: 510 Mb
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