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Deck Of Ashes
Release: 2020
Developer: AYGames
Publisher: ESDigital Games, WhisperGames
Game Version: Build 11/27/2020 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 Ghz
Graphics: 512 Mb, OpenGL 2.0+
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 3.65 Gb
Deck of Ashes - tactical role-playing game with elements of card battles. The game tells about a group of villains who follow the path of correcting and admitting their own mistakes. The Ash curse hung over the world. Will the heroes be able to withstand adversity - it's up to the player.

The gameplay will not lead by the handle. Heroes are free to go wherever they please. What resource to find, what card to create depends solely on the situation. In addition to exploring a dark fantasy world, the player will collect a deck of cards with which he will fight on the battlefield.

Locations are created on the principle of procedural generation, so there is a high probability of seeing unique maps and locations when you start the game again. The location of opponents is also generated, so you always need to change tactics and adapt to the event, which will not let you get bored or get hung up on repeating the same attacks.

Deck of Ashes has many features:
  • an individual deck, sharpened for the chosen playing style;
  • unique and dark graphic design;
  • biomes of monsters, where each enemy affects the gameplay;
  • resource management with limited moves, so make your decision carefully;
  • a camp where pumping is performed and a combat style is set up;
  • the use of black magic for resurrection, without which it will be impossible to continue the game.

For a different style of play, an individual approach to leveling the camp will be required. It is impossible to create and improve everything at once. The gameplay implies a competent choice of abilities and the distribution of skills in order to achieve an outstanding result in a particular craft.
Gameplay Trailer:
Deck Of AshesDeck Of AshesDeck Of AshesDeck Of AshesDeck Of AshesDeck Of Ashes

Version: Build 11/27/2020 | Early access
Size: 445 Mb
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