HARDCORE MECHA torrent download

Release: 2019
Developer: RocketPunch Games
Publisher: RocketPunch Games
Game Version: v 1.12
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E8400
Graphics: Geforce 9600 GT / AMD HD 3870
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 10 Gb
Humans have colonized Mars and most of the planets in the solar system in HARDCORE MECHA. "A" is a girl who works for the military as an agent. The warriors lose contact with the representative, so "Hardcore Defense Corp", led by the hero Tarethur O Connell, go in search of her. Soon the company gets involved in a conflict between terrorists preparing an attack on the government and the people..

There are various tasks to be performed, and besides the standard - to kill everyone, the character will have to secretly make his way to the bases, defend positions from crowds of opponents, protect civilians, fight hordes of opponents in space and fight against various bosses. The difficulty level is gradually increasing, so the fur must be constantly pumped for in-game currency. Not only armor is subject to pumping, but also weapons, an ult strike, add body kits.

In the process of combat, the use of short-range and long-range weapons is combined with the steel fists of the mech. It all depends on the type of enemy, of which there are many. The main feature of the enemy is numbers, not weapons, so here you can outwit the enemy by building combinations. For example, a shield is used against the crowd, a mine is thrown from behind, followed by a fire attack and activation of an automatic turret.

The battles take place dynamically and variably thanks to the variety of game situations, various types of enemies and weapons that can be picked up on the levels. Passage is available in campaign mode, Simulation, where the player participates in endless battles and improves the mech in the process, multiplayer with online or local modes with up to 4 people in one arena.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v 1.12
Size: 3 Gb
In very rare cases there is a password to the archive. If you come across it, the password is: online-fix.me

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