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Ultra strangeness
Release: 2020
Developer: Michael Rfdshir
Publisher: Michael Rfdshir
Game Version: v 16.06.2020 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 Ghz
Memory: 1 Gb
Storage: 2 Gb
Ultra strangeness - a casual indie adventure that uses an unusual type of visual creation - hand sculpting of all characters and environments from plasticine for further digitization for release in the form of a game. The animation was also performed without computer graphics. The storyline campaign will take the user more than 2 hours, which is quite enough for an evening session on a personal computer. Cut-scenes with communication and dialogues during the gameplay are absent, the characters communicate and convey information to the gamer using emotions, which gives room for imagination and personal comprehension for everyone.

The campaign will tell a story about interconnected worlds in one big Box. The plot will be devoted to travel between universes, in addition, the main branch will be a story about some Titans who dropped an artifact called the Shell, on the territory where the protagonist lives. The hero is a small blue humanoid creature with eyes on long tubes. He gets acquainted with new locations and characters for himself, interacts with them and solves a whole scattering of puzzles of varying complexity, which allows him to apply logic, ingenuity and intelligence in general.

The player, in addition to communicating and solving puzzles, will have to experience a simplified craft of things that will be useful to complete the passage. Collecting various items at all levels, the protagonist stores them in a special inventory for future use.
Gameplay Trailer:
Ultra StrangenessUltra StrangenessUltra Strangeness

Version: v 16.06.2020 | Early access
Size: 298 Mb
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