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Rising Lords
Release: 18 Jan, 2024
Developer: Argonwood
Publisher: Deck13, WhisperGames
Game Version:
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.27 GHz Dual Core
Graphics: Dedicated Graphic Card
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 500 Mb
Welcome to the medieval era in Rising Lords, where you'll take control of an entire territory. As your kingdom faces constant attacks, strategic thinking becomes paramount to success. The focus lies heavily on building and developing your army while also paying attention to the urban landscape. Strengthening your zones is essential to thwarting enemy advances into your territories. With a vast and meticulously crafted map for exploration, every element requires careful consideration. Keep a watchful eye on economic and political developments, as sound defensive and offensive tactics will lead to success as a ruler.

The gameplay offers opportunities to explore the terrain and engage in card-based duels. You'll encounter numerous challenges hindering the well-being of your population, not just from ongoing wars but also from diseases like the plague, which claim lives and necessitate city development to address various issues. Weather conditions change dynamically, adding another layer of complexity. In Rising Lords, constant planning is crucial to avoid defeat.

Customize the appearance of your ruler to your liking using the appearance editor. Play solo or opt for multiplayer mode, where you can compete against up to four online players. Each gameplay decision affects combat and settlement development. Continuously gather resources and expand your kingdoms, constructing new factories and other buildings to boost industrial growth. In Rising Lords, every strategic move shapes the outcome of your kingdom's fate.
Gameplay Trailer:
Rising LordsRising LordsRising LordsRising LordsRising LordsRising Lords

Size: 308 Mb
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