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Release: 2021
Developer: Tau Ceti Labs
Publisher: Tau Ceti Labs
Game Version: v Build 03/17/2021 | Early access
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (x64)
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570 (2 Ghz)
Graphics: GTX 770 (2 Gb)
Memory: 4 Gb
Storage: 6 Gb
LithoBreak - a strategic game with cosmosim elements. You play as Eli, an entrepreneur who made a fortune on the resources of the moon. However, an unpleasant incident occurred, as a result of which the hero's reputation was destroyed. Now you need to get the best engineers to focus on new development. Create new technologies to preserve your legacy.

It so happened that Sam made enemies for himself. And now he needs to do everything possible to ensure that advanced technologies do not fall into the hands of corporate people. The gameplay is a mining simulator that offers realistic mining mechanics. An orbital station is at your disposal, with the help of which you will need to manage production.

Mine and sell raw materials to improve your technologies. Explore a space station containing many of Eli's legendary stories. Mine materials have a unique composition and chemical properties. Engineers need to process raw materials and produce and make improvements. The efficiency of production parts is directly related to material properties.

Wear is a special mechanic. If you use the equipment for a long time, then it will fail over time or work not so efficiently. In this case, the device should be repaired or replaced. When extracting resources, move them to a spaceship for further transportation. LithoBreak gameplay is based on scientific concepts and theories, but based on gaming conventions and science fiction.
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v Build 03/17/2021 | Early access
Size: 882 Mb
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