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The Longest Journey
Release: 2000
Developer: Empire Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: Empire Interactive Entertainment
Game Version: v 1.61
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 0.2 Ghz
Graphics: 2 Mb
Memory: 32 Mb
The longest journey Is an original point-and-click quest that has become a classic among the representatives of its genre. You take control of April Ryan, who discovers the ability to travel between parallel universes. Immerse yourself in a mind-boggling adventure solving a variety of puzzles, meeting versatile NPCs, and balancing two opposing worlds.

The project is based on two huge locations - Arcadia and Stark. The first is based on a fantasy color, and contains magic and non-standard creatures. And the second is the world of science, in which robotic racial species, powerful corporations, and much more, created with the help of technology, will meet. Both representatives of the future will give the gamer a special feeling of knowing their territories, because they are filled with a lot of content..

The plot is presented with cutscenes between 13 dissimilar chapters. Each will offer its own unusual goals and tasks. Basically, progress through the script occurs through riddles that often appear along the way. Most of them will not cause much difficulty, but some will make even experienced players sweat. Also, there are special missions in which you need to perform several actions in a limited period of time.

There are several fantastic races in the world of "Endless Journey":

The Drake Keane are dragon-like creatures who created the "Balance" on Earth. There are only four representatives left.
The Venary are the most mysterious people. Has power over the time stream. Can "see" the future.
Gang - Tunnels are made underground with the help of singing. Are like moles.
Mauerums are marine species similar to seals. There are also air representatives.
Alatins are bats, whose ability to tell fairy tales is valuable..
The dark ones are the most unexplored species. Contain a large library with unknown knowledge. Driven by the collective mind.

Version: v 1.61
Size: 3.98 Gb
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